9 trends for 2014 and beyond

November 04, 2013
Who says enterprise IT is boring? Big ideas and bold new tech are shaking things up like never before, so it's time to consider the long-term implications
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SoftLayer CEO: A very Big Blue cloud is coming

October 28, 2013
With last summer's acquisition, IBM has a clear IaaS solution. SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby says we can expect a massive cloud infrastructure ramp-up
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Microsoft, the sleeping giant of the cloud

October 21, 2013
With its vast portfolio of software and billions of dollars in data center infrastructure investment, Microsoft stands poised to rule the cloud
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Did these guys just reinvent the Web?

October 15, 2013
San Francisco startup Famo.us is doing amazing things with JavaScript, radically raising the bar on what cross-platform Web and mobile apps can do
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Enterprise architecture shows its business value

October 07, 2013
In the fourth annual Enterprise Architecture Awards, we recognize five companies whose EA practice has influenced the development of successful business strategy
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You're already living in the cloud

September 30, 2013
There's nothing like a hardware meltdown to remind you that the cloud is already your home base -- and that arbitrary barriers stand in the way of a seamless cloud experience
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The triumph of JavaScript

September 23, 2013
JavaScript is eating the world, with new tools and enhancements arriving at a breakneck pace. Is it time to accept the inevitable?
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6 lessons to learn from a happy IT organization

September 18, 2013
At DirecTV, IT stopped playing defense and took the lead, helping business management weigh key decisions. Here's how they pulled it off
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Paul Maritz: Pivotal is a bridge to the future

September 09, 2013
In an exclusive interview, Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz lays out his vision of the next generation of Internet applications and his company's role in helping IT build them
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Introducing InfoWorld's TechBrief newsletter

September 06, 2013
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