Your life in the cloud

March 01, 2010
The cloud isn't just about servers and enterprise apps and dev platforms -- it's also heading right for your home
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An unfortunate ending

February 21, 2010
Due to a serious breach of trust, Randall C. Kennedy will no longer be writing for InfoWorld
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Cloud computing gets (a little) more real

February 16, 2010
HP rolls out a new cloud consulting practice, while Cisco takes a step toward erasing the line between the data center and the cloud
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Die, desktop, die: Desktop virtualization looms

February 01, 2010
Finally, all the pieces for desktop virtualization have fallen into place, and the cost and security benefits are irresistible
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Google, land of the spoiled brats?

January 26, 2010
Meg Whitman’s swipe at Google's perks raises questions about how execs get compensated versus everyone else
, Google
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The open source default

January 19, 2010
Despite turmoil in the open source community, open source has become the mainstream choice for enterprises
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The clash between virtualization and compliance

January 11, 2010
The messy intersection between virtualization and PCI offers an object lesson in unintended consequences
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The end of all wires

December 28, 2009
A cheap, high-bandwidth wireless USB device begs the question: Why are we still messing with wires in 2009?
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Tech takes the lead in sustainability

December 21, 2009
Copenhagen failed miserably. It's time for business to pick up the baton and use technology to reduce carbon emissions
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InfoWorld launches its first iGuide

December 14, 2009
A new interactive Flash portal covering the enterprise data explosion delivers deep tech information in context
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