The coming rebirth of the desktop computer

June 14, 2010
Google Apps and desktop virtualization foretell the reincarnation of the 'desktop PC' as a personal, virtual environment accessible anywhere
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Can desktop virtualization save desktop Linux?

June 07, 2010
It’s a long shot, but maybe so -- and in turn desktop Linux could make desktop virtualization more attractive
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Will Google buy Salesforce next?

May 24, 2010
With over 70,000 companies now using, Google has no quicker route to paying business customers
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The other reason SAP bought Sybase

May 17, 2010
Sybase's deep roots in financial services could mean more to SAP than the promise of mobilizing enterprise apps
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Get ready for the IBM Cloud

May 10, 2010
IBM's cloud computing road map is coming together, with a new Raleigh, N.C., cloud facility set to go live this summer
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Stop bashing Flash

May 03, 2010
When Steve Jobs and Microsoft's point man for IE agree, you have a right to be skeptical
, Mobile Apps
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Waiting for the Terry Childs verdict

April 26, 2010
It’s been almost two years since Terry Childs' odyssey began. Will justice be served?
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The real secret to IT success

April 19, 2010
In a desperate search for solutions to IT's organizational problems, I turn to Bob Lewis, InfoWorld's IT management guru
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Cloud computing's missing link

April 12, 2010
Independent cloud-based services help you integrate SaaS apps with locally installed software
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InfoWorld launches security iGuide

April 05, 2010
Our second in a series of self-guided Flash portals provides a one-stop resource for anyone who takes security seriously
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