Awash in the cloud

September 20, 2010
Some things should never be referred to as cloud computing, even though the trend is proving more formidable than we thought
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What the 'private cloud' really means

September 06, 2010
The definition of the private cloud may be fuzzy, but it's all part of the age-old quest for greater efficiency in IT
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The Internet is dead!

August 23, 2010
No, wait -- the connection is back up again -- it seems to be working now
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Oracle: The new Darth Vader?

August 16, 2010
Never a warm and fuzzy company, Oracle has raised its game to Sith level with the Android lawsuit
, Oracle
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Can VMware put a dent in Microsoft Exchange?

August 10, 2010
Challengers to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange come and go, but VMware may have a winner with its new Zimbra appliance
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Inside Intel: A plan for desktop virtualization

July 26, 2010
An interview with Intel's CIO, Diane Bryant, reveals a long-term strategy to put a virtual machine on every device
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Microsoft's embarrassing problem with the future

June 21, 2010
When it comes to mobile computing, the cloud, and desktop virtualization, Microsoft can't seem to shoot straight
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The coming rebirth of the desktop computer

June 14, 2010
Google Apps and desktop virtualization foretell the reincarnation of the 'desktop PC' as a personal, virtual environment accessible anywhere
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Can desktop virtualization save desktop Linux?

June 07, 2010
It’s a long shot, but maybe so -- and in turn desktop Linux could make desktop virtualization more attractive
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Will Google buy Salesforce next?

May 24, 2010
With over 70,000 companies now using, Google has no quicker route to paying business customers
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