The Atrix 4G and our post-PC future

March 07, 2011
Now that the Atrix 4G and iPad 2 have arrived, the vision of life after the desktop grows clearer
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Finding new value in data overload

February 28, 2011
InfoWorld launches a new iGuide portal that covers new trends and technologies in business intelligence
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Calling all enterprise architects

February 21, 2011
Nominations are now open for the 2011 InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Award, honoring companies whose enterprise architecture initiatives made a difference
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A conversation with IBM's Mr. Big Data

February 07, 2011
Rod Smith, IBM's vice president of emerging Internet technologies, tells InfoWorld about IBM's exploits in Big Data -- this year's hottest trend
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Cloud computing: IT as commodity

January 31, 2011
An executive at global consultancy CSC explains why she believes half of all IT workloads will become cloud services by 2016
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Can Oracle OpenOffice put a dent in Microsoft Office?

January 24, 2011
At a time when Microsoft appears particularly vulnerable, Oracle is preparing for a run at the desktop productivity market
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2011: The year personal computing will reinvent itself

January 10, 2011
The dominant desktop paradigm will finally wither and a thousand new personal computing models will bloom
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Microsoft CIO: We're dog-fooding the cloud

January 03, 2011
Tony Scott talks frankly about Redmond's practice of making employees beta testers -- for Microsoft cloud services and conventional software
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Coders, come to the aid of your country

December 27, 2010
A new nonprofit, Code for America, marshals volunteer developers to build apps for city governments
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Windows alternatives: Chrome OS or Ubuntu?

December 20, 2010
After all, they're both Linux. The bottom line: Chrome OS traps users in the cloud, but Ubuntu may leave them at sea
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