What IBM really thinks about the cloud

April 19, 2011
Steve Mills, who recently became head of all IBM products, gives his frank opinion about cloud computing and HP's new cloud initiative
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IBM gets back to basics

April 11, 2011
At IBM Impact 2011, the company talks business transformation for customers but touts core WebSphere products and services
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Don't let Congress kill digital transparency

April 04, 2011
The draft federal budget proposes to deep-six USAspending.gov and Data.gov, dealing a devastating blow to transparency and innovative new services
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How to cash in on cloud computing

March 28, 2011
You say you're sick to death of cloud this and cloud that? Don't be. Think of it as a golden opportunity to upgrade your infrastructure
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CEO showdown: Apotheker vs. Ellison vs. Palmisano

March 21, 2011
What if you put Oracle's Larry Ellison and IBM's Sam Palimisano to the same test HP's Léo Apotheker endured last week?
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What cloud security really means

March 14, 2011
Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen talks about the challenges facing enterprise security in the era of the cloud
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The Atrix 4G and our post-PC future

March 07, 2011
Now that the Atrix 4G and iPad 2 have arrived, the vision of life after the desktop grows clearer
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Finding new value in data overload

February 28, 2011
InfoWorld launches a new iGuide portal that covers new trends and technologies in business intelligence
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Calling all enterprise architects

February 21, 2011
Nominations are now open for the 2011 InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Award, honoring companies whose enterprise architecture initiatives made a difference
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A conversation with IBM's Mr. Big Data

February 07, 2011
Rod Smith, IBM's vice president of emerging Internet technologies, tells InfoWorld about IBM's exploits in Big Data -- this year's hottest trend
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