The IT revolution that isn't

June 13, 2011
Cloud, mobile, and the consumerization of IT are conspiring to change everything -- but as with all else in enterprise IT, it's going to take a long time
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Is there a new, monster VMware cloud coming?

June 07, 2011
In an exclusive interview, VMware CEO Paul Maritz talks about an elite group of providers that will offer VMware infrastructure for hybrid enterprise clouds
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Learn to deal with the data explosion

May 30, 2011
Today's huge, ever-growing volume of data is the biggest problem in IT. Learn how to cope at InfoWorld's Enterprise Data Explosion event in San Francisco on June 8
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Cloud computing by the numbers

May 24, 2011
Three fresh cloud computing surveys, including a major Harvard Business Review report, offer an intriguing snapshot of cloud computing attitudes and adoption
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Why the cloud can't be separated from open source

May 16, 2011
Cloud services depend on open source software. Can open source protect us from the risks of cloud lock-in?
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Call for entries: The 2011 Enterprise Architecture Awards

May 10, 2011
Nominations for the 2011 InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards will be closing soon -- enter now and show how your enterprise architecture initiative made a difference
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No. 2 cloud provider Rackspace tries harder

May 02, 2011
The chief strategy officer of Rackspace talks to InfoWorld about the vital importance of open cloud standards -- and the services his company offers that Amazon doesn't
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How to be a modern CIO

April 26, 2011
To stay strategic, back off of commodity infrastructure, learn to trust your users, and partner aggressively on new business initiatives
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What IBM really thinks about the cloud

April 19, 2011
Steve Mills, who recently became head of all IBM products, gives his frank opinion about cloud computing and HP's new cloud initiative
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IBM gets back to basics

April 11, 2011
At IBM Impact 2011, the company talks business transformation for customers but touts core WebSphere products and services
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