Exclusive: HP's new software guy hints at products to come

October 03, 2011
Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, tells InfoWorld how Autonomy's technology may surface in HP's product mix
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Delphix CEO: Why database virtualization matters

September 26, 2011
Creating a copy of a core database is typically a painful job. The CEO of Delphix, a database virtualization startup, claims it doesn't have to be that way
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Enterprise architecture to the rescue

September 19, 2011
Now more than ever we need enterprise architects to untangle legacy systems and processes -- and to embrace such exciting new developments as the consumerization of IT
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Why we still love open source

September 12, 2011
Open source is the medium of choice for the world's most creative developers, as shown in InfoWorld's 2011 Best of Open Source Software Awards
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Devops and the great IT convergence

September 06, 2011
IT struggles endlessly to get technologists in very different disciplines on the same page. Devops advocates cross-pollination to heal one of IT's greatest rifts
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Message to IT: Modernize or else

August 22, 2011
Business management is using the public cloud as a club: If you can't do it, I know a cloud provider who can. Here's how to block that threat
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Why Autonomy is a smart buy for HP

August 18, 2011
With unique technology for deriving meaning from words and images, as well as a huge public cloud compliance service, Autonomy's been ripe for a bid from a big player
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The (real) state of the cloud, 2011

August 15, 2011
So much has happened so fast in the crazy jumble known as cloud computing, it's time to sort out what's really going on
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The IT economy vs. the rest of the economy

August 08, 2011
Count yourself lucky to work in tech. But with no light at the end of the economic tunnel, it pays to keep your skills sharp
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OpenStack wants to be your data center OS

July 25, 2011
A growing number of IT organizations plan to build a private cloud -- and OpenStack, an open source cloud infrastructure platform, is emerging as the foundation of choice
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