Picking the top 10: Technologies vs. trends

November 21, 2011
No one can tell for sure which emerging technologies will have the greatest impact on the enterprise, but we're giving it our best shot
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Little machines and the future of the data center

November 07, 2011
HP embraces ARM's processor architecture and promises servers with unheard-of levels of power efficiency
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Get set for a Windows PC comeback

October 31, 2011
Windows 8, the Ultrabook, and HP's second thoughts about exiting the desktop market suggest that competition for users' hearts and minds is far from over
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What it takes to change IT

October 24, 2011
The sad truth is that successful leadership often isn't pretty, as a recent post by a Google engineer makes clear
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Is a privacy backlash brewing?

October 17, 2011
New schemes to collect user data -- and new technologies to mine it -- know no bounds. Sooner or later, users may get fed up
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The 12-fold path to IT bliss

October 10, 2011
To chart the way ahead, sometimes you have to step back and take stock of the really big picture
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Steve Jobs's special talent

October 06, 2011
How I hope Jobs will be remembered and how his legacy provides a beacon for the industry
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Exclusive: HP's new software guy hints at products to come

October 03, 2011
Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, tells InfoWorld how Autonomy's technology may surface in HP's product mix
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Delphix CEO: Why database virtualization matters

September 26, 2011
Creating a copy of a core database is typically a painful job. The CEO of Delphix, a database virtualization startup, claims it doesn't have to be that way
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Enterprise architecture to the rescue

September 19, 2011
Now more than ever we need enterprise architects to untangle legacy systems and processes -- and to embrace such exciting new developments as the consumerization of IT
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