Call for entries: The 2012 Enterprise Architecture Awards

April 30, 2012
Get your outstanding program the recognition it deserves. InfoWorld and Forrester Research, joined by the Penn State Center for Enterprise Architecture, are now accepting entries for our third annual Enterprise Architecture Awards
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Yammer CEO: We're consumerizing the enterprise

April 23, 2012
David Sacks, CEO of Yammer, believes social networking will become ubiquitous collaboration layer across full range of enterprise software
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The OpenStack drama and the future of the cloud

April 09, 2012
Last week's ugly split between OpenStack and Citrix highlights the high stakes in establishing a dominant open source orchestration layer for cloud computing
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VMware tackles enterprise personal cloud

April 02, 2012
Users love services like iCloud, but IT doesn't. VMware is cooking up an elaborate 'personal cloud' solution that IT can deploy and control
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Integration entrepreneur: Now's the time for semantic technology

March 26, 2012
Sanjiva Nath, CEO of ALM innovator zAgile, explains why the Semantic Web is finally getting traction in the cloud era -- and the role he hopes his company will play
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Hey, you, get off my personal cloud

March 19, 2012
In dumping Windows as my primary work environment and adopting OS X, I'm just choosing a new cloud access point
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Why I'm finally switching to the Mac

March 12, 2012
A big reason to stick with Windows becomes a big reason for leaving it behind
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The new IT vs. the old IT

March 05, 2012
As the old guard plods along, we're on the cusp of a new era fueled by boundless access to compute power and a huge diversity of data sources
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Electric Cloud CEO: We automate agile development

February 27, 2012
An explosion of tools and platforms is making app dev much more complex. Mike Maciag, CEO of Electric Cloud, offers cross-platform workflow and automation to rationalize it all
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Business computing in the year 2040

February 21, 2012
Peering 28 years into the future has more value than you may think -- if you start by considering what today's IT professionals lack to do their jobs effectively
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