The end of networking as we know it

June 23, 2014
Enterprise customers still have trouble grasping the promise of SDN. Stu Bailey of Infoblox has created an open source virtual switch that gets the point across
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The open source way of being

June 16, 2014
Open source is more than a type of software license. If you believe GitHub, it's also a successful paradigm for collaborative software development. Will enterprise dev shops join the party?
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Why the private cloud has stalled

June 02, 2014
The idea of pouring the benefits of the cloud into your own data center has been around for at least five years. Here's why it's taking a while
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Who's against Net neutrality? Follow the money

May 19, 2014
The cable industry has not been shy about handing out campaign donations to Congress. So guess who's sending letters to the FCC arguing against Net neutrality?
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Pushing open source to the limit

May 12, 2014
A young, aggressive online trading firm uses code from over 50 open source projects to become rated as the No. 2 online broker by Barron's
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Experiencing Silicon Valley overload? For help, look inward

May 05, 2014
Enterprises face a huge challenge in evaluating, let alone deploying, an unprecedented volume of new tech from the Valley. Fortunately, the key is probably right in front of you
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Docker CEO: Our container goes anywhere

April 28, 2014
The cloud era is in full swing, and Docker provides an answer to its greatest hazard: platform lock-in. An exclusive interview with Docker CEO Ben Golub
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The accidental IT pro and the IT-ification of the business user

April 21, 2014
The cliché is that IT is being 'consumerized' by smartphones, mobile apps, and SaaS. But in truth, BYOD and DIY also mean business users must be more tech-savvy
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Tell us your tech priorities for a chance to win $500

April 14, 2014
Fill out InfoWorld's annual 'Navigating IT' survey for a decent shot at a $500 kitty -- and weigh your 2014 technology purchasing decisions along the way
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The end of Windows XP and the start of a new Microsoft

April 07, 2014
Say good-bye to Windows XP -- and hello to the 'cloud-first' Microsoft, which shows new signs of responsiveness to users and developers
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