Archives: November 2013

Software as a service vs. old-school IT

November 25, 2013
Salesforce's Dreamforce show hints at the event-driven future of cloud services. As cloud capabilities get increasingly business-critical, how will enterprise IT's trust be earned?
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Why Amazon Web Services rules the cloud

November 18, 2013
The company that originated cloud computing continues to hold a staggering lead over the IaaS competition -- and the consumerization of IT has played right into its hands
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Okta CEO: We're solving the identity management puzzle

November 11, 2013
Todd McKinnon explains how his startup, Okta, provides customers with centralized access control for thousands of cloud applications -- and now on-premise apps as well
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9 trends for 2014 and beyond

November 04, 2013
Who says enterprise IT is boring? Big ideas and bold new tech are shaking things up like never before, so it's time to consider the long-term implications
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