Archives: January 2013

Why you should jump into big data

January 28, 2013
At a low cost of entry, the emerging technologies that define the big data trend are already delivering value, so first consider the problems you need to solve -- then dive in
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10gen CEO: Why we're the NoSQL leader

January 22, 2013
An interview with Dwight Merriman examines the genesis of MongoDB, the first popular document database -- and where the dynamic NoSQL trend will go from here
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Your guide to the year's best technology

January 14, 2013
This year's InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards provides a more valuable buying guide than ever, with 35 winners that collectively point to important shifts in enterprise tech
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Unhappy with Windows 8? Here are your options

January 07, 2013
If you're having a rough time with your new Windows 8 computer, you have several options to smooth the ride
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