Archives: December 2012

2012: The year cloud computing took a bite out of IT

December 31, 2012
As new public cloud plays leap in and the private cloud slowly evolves, we're on the brink of a shift to cloud computing for critical business workloads
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Tableau CEO: We're the Google of data visualization

December 17, 2012
Christian Chabot, in an exclusive interview, explains how Tableau Software is putting a consumerized face on business intelligence and analytics
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Your key technology decisions for 2013

December 10, 2012
A surge in cloud and mobile options and shifts in who pays for tech present a fresh set of challenges for IT. Tell us about your biggest choices for the coming year
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How IT will be blown to bits

December 03, 2012
As spending for tech gradually slips from IT hands, expect an explosion of industry-specific cloud platforms, says new IDC report
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