The case for unintelligent machines

February 10, 2009
Forget complex processes -- for most business problems, single-purpose "dumb" computers might just be the way to go
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Turning smartphones into desktops on the go

February 03, 2009
Flyweight RedFly makes using applications on smartphones practical
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Article 708: A new breed of compliance for IT?

January 27, 2009
Article 708 of the National Electric Code could mean big changes for datacenters as cloud computing creates more and more touchpoints for systems that affect national security
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Why procure when you can BYO PC?

January 20, 2009
As the economy sours and end-users demand a more personal computing experience at work, "bring your own PC" policies are fast finding favor in the enterprise
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The dark side of technology

January 15, 2009
Technology is a double-edge sword, and it's a good idea to understand how both sides of the blade cut
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How to survive your outsourcer's downfall

January 13, 2009
Due diligence and up-front preventative investments are key to ensuring a smooth transition away from a scuttling -- or scandalized -- outsource provider
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Rethink your business strategy

January 06, 2009
Perfect your products before you succumb to the "expand or die" philosophy of business in uncertain times
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Biz to IT: Show me the money

December 23, 2008
A recent survey exposes how important it is for IT to convince line-of-business managers that their IT investments are dollars well spent
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Free broadband access is a right, not a privilege

December 16, 2008
As the FCC nears its vote on whether to open AWS-3 for auction, the Commerce Department has made a stand in favor of stifling innovation
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No such thing as mobile security?

December 09, 2008
A recent congressionally sponsored report shoots down the notion that anything wireless is secure
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