Archives: September 2008

Profiting from reduced IT energy dependency

September 29, 2008
The EU's Emission Trading Scheme provides a lucrative market for companies committed to reducing their carbon footprints
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Let's turn over the search for a way out of the financial crisis to computer scientists

September 26, 2008
Why not reconfigure the problem as a computer "what if" analytics question and let the computer scientists solve it?
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Micro-verticals are nipping at the heels of enterprise application vendors

September 25, 2008
Vertical solution providers are fighting back against the likes of Oracle, SAP, and IBM
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High-tech tax credits are no bailout

September 23, 2008
Lapsed R&D credits have cost the U.S. $13 billion and 100,000 jobs. Are today's pols too squeamish to reinstate them?
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Will HP/EDS prove worthy of its services billing?

September 16, 2008
HP's EDS acquisition puts it No. 2 in the services market behind IBM. Accounting for $38 billion in revenue per year, customers should demand the best
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The unintended consequences of e-mail

September 10, 2008
Perhaps its biggest impact will really surprise you
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Why IT projects fail

September 09, 2008
It's easy to blame IT, but more often than not, poor governance is what sinks a worthwhile project
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Master your terms before you master your data

September 02, 2008
As master data management becomes a business imperative, IT needs to make sure every department is on the same page
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