Archives: August 2008

Prepaid software: More than a token solution to licensing woes

August 26, 2008
Software licensing's third way offers flexibility and savings -- not to mention a stronger bond between seller and buyer
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IT needs to get lean on manufacturing

August 19, 2008
It's time for MRP to turn down its reliance on forecasting and get real
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How to avoid wrestling over SLAs

August 12, 2008
Strike service-level deals wisely, lest getting the better of the other guy come back to bite your company
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NBC doesn't own the Olympics, we do

August 09, 2008
To NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and other commercial broadcasters around the world I say, figure out another way to make money. The airwaves, the Internet airwaves at least, belong to us. It wasn't the opening ceremonies at the Olympics that was thrilling but rather reading the accounts of the grass roots collaborative efforts of people around the world doing an end run around the commercial sites who claimed to own the rig
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Net access in the wake of FCC vs. Comcast

August 05, 2008
The public may have won Round 1, but network providers will soon change the rules of the game
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