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Collaboration brings value to VAN clouds

July 29, 2008
VANs are fast transforming into a forefront for offering integration and collaboration in the cloud
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Can high tech really improve baseball?

July 22, 2008
Baseball may be a game of inches, but does it have to be monitored by IBM?
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Sole-sourcing: The art of the no-bid contract

July 15, 2008
No-bid outsourcing, aka 'sole-sourcing,' can expedite projects while cutting down expenditures
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Withstanding globalization's impact on IT

July 08, 2008
A recent survey of enterprise executives has found that -- not surprisingly -- IT executives are more averse to globalization than their peers from other departments. The survey, summarized in "The Benefits and Challenges of Globalization," was conducted by EquaTerra, a consulting firm that makes its living advising companies on how to refine their processes, a practice that often relies on some measure of outso
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Is Sprint voice-mail spam part of a pernicious new trend?

July 02, 2008
I’d like to hear from readers out there on the issue or rather, growing problem, of marketing solicitations over the cell phone. I would love to be able to nip this trend in the bud with your help. Companies are increasingly sensitive to critical blogs, especially those that are widely read, so here's our chance to stop what may be a pernicious new trend, selling your cell phone number to the highest bidder. Her
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News coverage in crisis on the Net

July 01, 2008
There's an old show-business joke about a play that is failing. A potential theatergoer calls the box office to find out when the show starts, and the ticket agent responds, "How soon can you get here?" As a trade journalist, I sometimes feel like I'm in that failing play. Trade journalism is one of the few environments that empowers employees to tell their employers what they can and cannot do. I'm not talking
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