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H-1B visas do not create new jobs

June 24, 2008
Back on Oct. 25, 2005, I published excerpts from a study by John Miano, a member of the board of directors for the Programmers Guild, which refuted claims, using the government's own labor and wage statistics, that those working on an H-1B visa in high tech were receiving equivalent salaries to U.S. citizens. The point of the column was to shed light on emerging evidence that companies might in fact be using H-1
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Report refutes claims of dire need for more H-1B visas

June 17, 2008
In an address at the National Society of Black Engineers Region VI conference, Bill Gates perpetuated the belief that the United States is not graduating enough science and engineering majors and that that the overall performance of high school students in science and math is declining. [ Ephraim Schwartz is on vacation. This blog post first appeared on November 17, 2007, but with the recent Congressional effort
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The failed promise of technical services

June 10, 2008
I don't know what Thoreau actually had in mind, never having read Walden Pond. I've tried several times but found it dull. But from the many clichés I have heard about Thoreau and his pond, I gather that he wanted to get away from it all. Escape from the hubbub of the civilized world. Now, you would have thought there was far less hubbub in Thoreau's time -- no cars, no television, no Internet. But the point is,
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The essentials of global team building

June 03, 2008
Most of the talk about globalization focuses on the promise of expanding markets and opportunities. But unless part of your global go-to-market strategy includes something called "cultural competence," your plans could go awry. I spoke with Sangeeta Gupta, author of Quick Guide to Cultural Competency and founder of the Gupta Consulting Group. Just so you know, all proceeds from the sale of the book go to organiz
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