AWS may dominate, but it's not necessarily best for business

November 22, 2013
Enterprises need multiple cloud options, which no single provider has -- and AWS competitors need to focus on its gaps
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Cloud providers' green claims are full of smoke

November 19, 2013
Ironically, their focus on touting use of alternative energy sources obscures how they really go green
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PaaS isn't what it used to be

November 15, 2013
Without infrastructure, you can't have a real platform service; with infrastructure, it can do much more than aid developers
PaaS, IaaS
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Amazon Web Services has no reason to worry about IBM

November 12, 2013
On paper, IBM seems like a shoe-in to be the top enterprise cloud provider, but in the real world it's not so simple
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Amazon's expertise may save CIA cloud from's fate

November 08, 2013
Now that IBM is out of the running for CIA contract, AWS has a real opportunity to change government IT forever
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Be sure to factor in the cost of cloud failure

November 05, 2013
Outages and other issues will happen, so you need to be sure to budget for those realities
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Believe it: The cloud gives you a business edge

November 01, 2013
Early adopters are also seeing that even if they came for the savings, they stay for the business advantages
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By 2016, most new IT spending will be in the cloud

October 29, 2013
Application migration will be the biggest part of the effort, and business will continue to be the main driver
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It's time for OpenStack to hit the accelerator

October 25, 2013
A minor upgrade, OpenStack's forthcoming Havana release risks not being broad enough to gain enterprise traction
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Poor app migration could kill your cloud ROI

October 22, 2013
All too often, companies migrate apps without using cloud-native features essential to achieving the expected performance
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