Cloud vendors, stop copying Amazon Web Services -- or else

January 17, 2014
They can't out-Amazon by doing what Amazon does, and IT needs to drop those providers who keep trying that strategy
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Get real! Aereo's legal battle has nothing to do with the cloud

January 14, 2014
The Supreme Court will hear a case involving streaming TV; it's portrayed as a major precedent for the cloud -- but it's not
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Eureka! New tech shrinks cloud computing's carbon footprint

January 10, 2014
Computer scientists say they have created the algorithms needed to make both public and private cloud computing greener
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3 key tips cloud providers won't tell you about app migration

January 07, 2014
These best practices will keep you from wasting time and money in your cloud migration -- but few people know them
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The private cloud is giving way to the public cloud

January 03, 2014
Public clouds have matured greatly in recent years and are often the better architectural choice, as well as better value
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All I want for Christmas from Santa Cloud

December 24, 2013
Although I'd love to see a lot of cloud goodies under the tree, a few gift ideas top the list
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Blame a bad cloud deployment on the CIO, not the provider

December 20, 2013
Even in today's maturing cloud market, there are poor products from naive or opportunistic vendors -- weed them out up front
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3 surefire ways to screw up a cloud deployment

December 17, 2013
From migrating the wrong applications to not understanding governance, it's easy to blow things up in the cloud
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Good riddance! 25 percent of IaaS providers will be gone in a year

December 16, 2013
Some will shift into cloud specialties, some will be acquired, and some will die -- it's natural selection in action
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Let the NSA spy on us -- we're still moving to the cloud

December 10, 2013
A survey shows that IT leaders are still moving to the cloud, despite NSA spying -- after all, they really don't have a choice
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