3 hot cloud concepts that can benefit all of IT

February 28, 2014
Even if you don't believe in the cloud, you can believe in its devops, governance, and data analytics concepts
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Mobile's next great leap will happen in the cloud

February 25, 2014
Smartphones and tablets are saturated with features, leaving less room for innovation on the device -- but more for innovation in the cloud
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As cloud spending spikes, here's where to invest

February 21, 2014
Overall cloud spending is growing faster than expected, but what matters most is investing in the right areas
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Why data-as-a-service has taken off so fast

February 18, 2014
With advantages so huge and services so singularly and smartly focused, cloud adoption is a no-brainer for most
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3 CIO no-no's when moving to the cloud

February 14, 2014
If you want your cloud efforts to fail or struggle, ignore these three warnings
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The key knowledge gap hindering your cloud

February 11, 2014
SOA is critical to effective cloud computing, most people who build cloud don't have a clue about SOA or its principles
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The 3 stages of cloud computing resistance

February 07, 2014
Some IT departments follow a familiar pattern when it comes to cloud computing -- it's time to change that
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IBM vs. Amazon Web Services: Don't be fooled by their numbers game

February 04, 2014
The revenue data for both companies can be used to claim each the 'winner' in the cloud wars
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What it takes to build a cloud organization in 2014

January 31, 2014
Change happens slowly in IT, and that's not a bad thing
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What being cloud-native really means

January 28, 2014
Enterprises are building apps for the cloud that don't really use the cloud as they should. Here's how to fix that
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