3 types of 'cloud experts' that make my blood boil

March 21, 2014
Now that cloud computing is everyone's game, the nimrods are starting to show up
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Amazon Web Services celebrates 8 years in the cloud

March 18, 2014
In less than a decade, Amazon Web Services has changed our view of cloud computing
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The top 3 reasons to fire your public cloud provider

March 14, 2014
Once the honeymoon is over, the day-to-day relationship can decline or stagnate -- and companies will look for someone new
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Health care revs up for big drive into the cloud

March 11, 2014
Raw need is why health IT spending on the cloud will quadruple by 2018
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In the PR war over security, the cloud is losing

March 07, 2014
Security vendors are stoking near-religious fears among some IT pros, creating false fears over cloud security
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Pivotal opens up Cloud Foundry to open source fights

March 04, 2014
Three open source versions are likely too many for small PaaS market -- and could lead to confusion and standards wars
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3 hot cloud concepts that can benefit all of IT

February 28, 2014
Even if you don't believe in the cloud, you can believe in its devops, governance, and data analytics concepts
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Mobile's next great leap will happen in the cloud

February 25, 2014
Smartphones and tablets are saturated with features, leaving less room for innovation on the device -- but more for innovation in the cloud
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As cloud spending spikes, here's where to invest

February 21, 2014
Overall cloud spending is growing faster than expected, but what matters most is investing in the right areas
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Why data-as-a-service has taken off so fast

February 18, 2014
With advantages so huge and services so singularly and smartly focused, cloud adoption is a no-brainer for most
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