Cloud adoption's tipping point has arrived

June 25, 2013
Companies now trust the cloud, so it's time for IT to move from denial and anger to acceptance
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Powering Los Angeles one cloud migration at a time

June 21, 2013
A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that cloud computing is indeed more energy-efficient -- but just how efficient might surprise you
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Don't hold your breath for office apps in the cloud

June 18, 2013
A recent Gartner report shows that the growth of cloud-based office automation applications is steady but slow
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SOA dead? Not if you're using PaaS for app dev

June 14, 2013
Service orientation is integral to cloud development, yet many developers don't know they're using it -- or how to do it right
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Thanks, NSA, you're killing the cloud

June 11, 2013
The current NSA scandal raises a ton of questions -- and gives enterprises another excuse to resist the cloud
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3 more cloud computing myths dispelled

June 07, 2013
Security, portability, and data mining are the three latest areas where IT falls out of touch with reality
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Let's be clear: Cloud computing will shrink the data center

June 04, 2013
If you thought cloud computing was a fad you could wait out, you're dead wrong
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When it comes to shadow IT, CEOs must support users first

May 31, 2013
Business units and individual users have good reason to select their own cloud services and other tools
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What will 'cloud computing' mean in 10 years?

May 29, 2013
In a decade, cloud computing will encompass pervasive services, public and private data -- but will be rarely discussed
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Dell's downsized cloud ambitions might actually work out

May 24, 2013
Dell's abrupt switch away from a public cloud strategy has puzzled many people, but it's really the only choice
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