Archives: July 2014

Amazon is right to grow AWS at the expense of profits

July 29, 2014
Claims that Amazon is hurting investors by gaining market share instead of profits from the cloud miss the long-term payoff
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Amazon can no longer take its cloud leadership for granted

July 25, 2014
With Microsoft's strong numbers and Google's continued progress, Amazon Web Services must realize it's in a three-cloud race
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Don't believe false alarms about Docker containers

July 22, 2014
Despite what some people say, Docker containers have plenty of resiliency options when needed
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Sorry, cloud resisters: Control does not equal security

July 18, 2014
Many of those who push back on cloud computing citing security fears are doing their employers a disservice
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Amazon: Our new doc-sharing cloud service is enterprise-grade

July 15, 2014
Managed document storage/sharing services could be the piece of the puzzle that enterprises have been missing
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How cloud computing can strengthen IT's control

July 11, 2014
The use of service catalogs can let IT regain control while serving users' fast-paced technology needs
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Sex, spies, and the cloud: NSA revelations continue to weaken confidence

July 08, 2014
Washington Post investigation asserts that the NSA collects data mostly from ordinary citizens, not potential terrorists
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You're paying too much for the cloud

July 01, 2014
It's time to reduce your bills -- and that means using the cloud the right way for your needs
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