Archives: December 2013

All I want for Christmas from Santa Cloud

December 24, 2013
Although I'd love to see a lot of cloud goodies under the tree, a few gift ideas top the list
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Blame a bad cloud deployment on the CIO, not the provider

December 20, 2013
Even in today's maturing cloud market, there are poor products from naive or opportunistic vendors -- weed them out up front
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3 surefire ways to screw up a cloud deployment

December 17, 2013
From migrating the wrong applications to not understanding governance, it's easy to blow things up in the cloud
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Good riddance! 25 percent of IaaS providers will be gone in a year

December 16, 2013
Some will shift into cloud specialties, some will be acquired, and some will die -- it's natural selection in action
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Let the NSA spy on us -- we're still moving to the cloud

December 10, 2013
A survey shows that IT leaders are still moving to the cloud, despite NSA spying -- after all, they really don't have a choice
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OpenStack under fire: The critics aren't all wrong

December 06, 2013
Gartner's Alessandro Perilli has made some outrageous statements about OpenStack. Could he be right?
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Yes, the cloud is replacing enterprise hardware and software

December 03, 2013
A new study proves that businesses are shifting away from their data centers, to the peril of many traditional providers
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