Archives: September 2013

Hoard cloud talent now -- while you can still get it

September 27, 2013
There's a sharp increase in demand for cloud computing skills, so buying talent in advance of your needs is a good strategy
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Nirvanix shutdown has cloud users wondering who's next

September 24, 2013
Startups and small providers have the most to lose when one of their own goes under
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Business -- not IT -- should make the case for cloud

September 20, 2013
Though the typical enterprise cloud budget is now $10 million, most in IT still don't understand its business case
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Dell has just 12 months to matter in the cloud

September 17, 2013
Dell's current cloud portfolio is insufficient, but a few well-placed bets could make a champ of this dark horse
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Want a good cloud job? Better know traditional IT, too

September 13, 2013
To deliver the cloud effectively, you have to know how it works together with legacy systems and IT fundamentals
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Google to NSA: You'll have to take our data the hard way

September 10, 2013
The cloud industry is turning its focus away from blocking criminal hackers to blocking systematic government snooping
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Cloud kudos only grow, as does recognition of its true value

September 06, 2013
IDG survey shows businesses are beginning to see that the cloud is about much more than operational cost savings
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When it makes sense to become a cloud provider

September 03, 2013
Although most companies shouldn't consider becoming public cloud providers, it makes good sense in certain situations
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