Archives: August 2013

The cloud is no cure-all, but neither is your data center

August 30, 2013
Don't let healthy skepticism around the cloud blind you to its core value
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3 tips for Microsoft's next CEO: How to handle Windows Azure

August 27, 2013
With Ballmer gone, Microsoft could go boom or bust in the cloud. To succeed, the next CEO must consider these points
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If IBM cloud-washed its earnings results, it's likely not alone

August 23, 2013
SEC is investigating claims that IBM misled investors with use of 'cloud' term, but its fuzzy nature, well, clouds the issue
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Google's cloud encryption is good for PR -- and users, too

August 20, 2013
Google's addition of default encryption in its cloud storage plays on NSA-induced fears, but it's not a bad strategy
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Serious action is needed to undo NSA's damage to U.S. cloud providers

August 16, 2013
As U.S. cloud providers face customer backlash, the feds treat the electronic spying controversy as merely a PR problem
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3 common mistakes in cloud migrations -- and how to avoid them

August 13, 2013
Some enterprises make all the right moves with cloud computing, but most are bound to stub their toes
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What the cloud will look like in 3 years

August 09, 2013
Perennial management, security, and data issues will remain key, but they will look different than they do today
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The cloud's next big federal spying threat

August 06, 2013
FBI wants real-time monitoring of data streams from telecom providers, thus creating another barrier to cloud adoption
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The virtues of database as a service

August 02, 2013
As the rest of cloud computing grows, database-as-a-service is often overlooked -- despite its huge value
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