Archives: December 2012

Cloud computing: Dare to be boring

December 21, 2012
As long as cloud providers need to make noise over features and functions, we haven't achieved the goal of utility computing
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Let's not repeat the mistakes of Web history in the cloud

December 18, 2012
2013 may seem more like 1993 -- if we let the naysayers and hesitators triumph
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Service governance morphs into cloud API management

December 14, 2012
More evidence that SOA is a bad word: Traditional SOA service governance technology rebrands itself for the cloud
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Cloud computing in 2013: Two warnings

December 11, 2012
Yes, cloud computing will grow nicely next year, but no one should expect only smooth sailing
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The unpleasant truths about database-as-a-service

December 07, 2012
Real issues and problems will slow migration to this useful cloud technology, but less so if you're prepared
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Successful cloud adoption: It's the fit, stupid

December 04, 2012
The way to make cloud computing successful is to find the business problems that make sense to attack
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