SOA Consortium case study contest: Let's get some best practices

June 17, 2009
It's time to starting sharing what works and what doesn't when it comes to SOA
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JackBe is practicing safe mashups

June 11, 2009
With cloud computing rising, mashup safety is a much larger issue
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More ways to measure SOA success

June 08, 2009
The recent Gartner advice is fine, but I have a few more things to add that are specific to SOA.
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Where architecture meets cloud computing

June 03, 2009
Pat Stingley shared his vision around cloud computing and "cloud architecture"
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Should you get your SOA knowledge from SOA vendors?

June 01, 2009
You need to watch out if something in the world of SOA is free.
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Cloud-based APIs will drive the SOA and cloud convergence

May 29, 2009
While everyone is talking about infrastructure, cloud computing may appear in your enterprise as sets of cloud-delivered APIs
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Time to move on from the 'SOA is dead' debate

May 28, 2009
We're entering a new, and productive, era where SOA is providing its appropriate value
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SOA ROI does not seem to be a priority

May 20, 2009
Without ROI, you don’t know when you’re starting or ending or if you did any good
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Getting service decomposition right

May 19, 2009
Those building SOAs often are either over- or underdecomposing their services
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Forrester pumps life into SOA

May 15, 2009
SOA 'jumps the shark' -- but in a good way
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