Archives: November 2008

Open source SOA provides some major advantages

November 25, 2008
Requirements should come before technology, but open source SOA typically is much less expensive and easier to use than proprietary tools
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SOA World focuses on enterprisewide solutions

November 21, 2008
Conference highlights how there is so much crossover between cloud computing and SOA
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5 things SOA governance technology can do better

November 18, 2008
There is always room for improvement
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SOA and cloud computing

November 16, 2008
The links between SOA and cloud computing are clear to me.
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The death of SOA has been highly exaggerated

November 14, 2008
SOA is a good architectural approach and will always be a part of enterprise architecture, long after the SOA TLA has fallen off blog postings, articles, books, and conferences
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Is SOA part of the enterprise architecture or does it replace it?

November 12, 2008
Traditional EA is more about crafting a strategy than implementing a strategy; SOA is more about doing after planning
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