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Survey says: The bad economy is good for SOA

October 12, 2008
The question was simple: "Will the down economy increase or decrease the interest in SOA?" The response was interesting.
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Biske SOA governance book hits the shelves

October 10, 2008
A must-read if you're in the world of SOA
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Economic turmoil is changing businesses

October 09, 2008
Perhaps the scare of this current economic situation will provide enough incentive for businesses to get working on leveraging the notions of SOA and achieving agility
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What will we remember about SOA?

October 07, 2008
We'll remember how SOA was challenging and difficult, but the need to reduce costs and increase efficiency drove the systemic change that was needed
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Could we be seeing an SOA technology European invasion?

October 03, 2008
Last week I discussed the fact that this is a great time to start a SOA technology company, and it seems that our friends over in Europe have been listening.
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Advocating the common data model -- yet again

October 02, 2008
Let's get a few things very clear about data governance vs. SOA governance
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