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SOA Governance Monday: More on SOA governance in the cloud

September 15, 2008
True to form, Todd Biske took me to task for my last "SOA Governance Monday" post floating the notion of SOA governance in the cloud. He entitled his response "Governance in the Clouds? No thank you." I hope I did not send Todd running down the hall to the datacenter to hug his server. :-) However, I suspect a lot of people in the enterprises out there have a similar take on this as Todd did, and I thought he br
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Covering the SOA Executive Forum next week

September 12, 2008
Next week I’m speaking at the InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum, to be held September 16th and 17th in NYC.
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SOA and Chrome follow-up

September 09, 2008
'By George I think she’s got it!'
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SOA Governance Monday: SOA governance delivered as a service?

September 08, 2008
I've been kicking this one around for 10 years. Perhaps it's time to stop kicking and start doing.
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Google Chrome seems to be shining for SOA

September 05, 2008
Chrome will become a valuable piece of the architectural puzzle, perhaps a missing piece
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Google Chrome and SOA

September 04, 2008
The presence of Chrome will drive much SOA in the short term
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SOA Governance Monday (Okay Tuesday): Design time, and the missing pieces, part II

September 02, 2008
Core issue with design-time SOA governance technology is how deeply the technology goes toward serving the true notion of 'design'
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