Archives: August 2008

WOA, or whatever … Here's some 'detailed' initial thinking

August 27, 2008
What does WOA mean to those standing up SOAs today?
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SOA out, WOA in?

August 26, 2008
As buzzwords go, people simply seem to like WOA a lot more than SOA
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No More SOA Startups?

August 25, 2008
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SOA Governance Monday: Design Time, and the missing pieces

August 25, 2008
The SOA design time guys have a lot of work to do.
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Weekend SOA Thinking

August 22, 2008
Looking into the SOA future...okay the next few months.
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Do we need some more SOA startups?

August 20, 2008
I clearly see some voids that need filling.
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SOA Governance Monday: It's not about technology

August 17, 2008
The fact of the matter is that SOA governance is really a people-and-process thing.
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Speaking gigs this fall

August 15, 2008
Where to catch David Linthicum live on stage.
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Where to place your bets on SOA governance

August 14, 2008
SOA governance is going through a bit of a, let’s say, normalization.
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