Archives: January 2011

No one's Facebook profile is safe

January 26, 2011
When both the Facebook founder and the president of France are targeted by hackers, it's time to revisit your security settings
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Tuning in to Twitter for world news

January 21, 2011
Twitter can be a valuable news source if approached with the right combination of curation and curiosity
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More misadventures on Facebook

January 19, 2011
Social networking provides a growing market for sleazy business practices -- and the antidote to exposing scams as they happen
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Facebook con artists on the rise

January 17, 2011
Leaving your social network profiles public could leave friends and colleagues at risk of fraudulent acts
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Hidden CES gems: Self-service tech support

January 11, 2011
Being on-call IT support for family and friends just got a little easier, thanks to self-service tools unveiled at this year's CES
Tech Support
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2011: The tipping point for tech support

January 04, 2011
Start respecting your support techs -- or risk derailing the pace of innovation at your organization
Tech Support
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