Archives: November 2010

The ever bleak future of tech support

November 29, 2010
Just when you thought tech support couldn't get any worse, trends suggest our tech-savvy workforce may be in decline
Tech Support
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A silver lining to HP tech support

November 23, 2010
Despite taking flak at the Gripe Line, Hewlett-Packard is winning awards for service -- thanks in large part to experts like you
Tech Support
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Held hostage by service calls

November 12, 2010
Waiting at home for installation or repairs can feel like a prison sentence -- and costs U.S. businesses $13 billion per year
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How to protect hard drives against cold weather hazards

November 08, 2010
With cold weather coming, does my laptop need special protection? I asked people who should know
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ATM skimming: Cash machine paranoia justified

November 05, 2010
One in five people have fallen prey to ATM skimming. Here's how to avoid getting robbed
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Ditching your mobile contract when cell service drops off

November 02, 2010
For one T-Mobile customer, relocating to a no-service area should not mean having to honor a cellular contract
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