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Where are Dell's Ubuntu PCs?

July 30, 2010
Dell told us back in February that new machines were coming soon -- but has the company gone back on its word?
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The four stages of software upgrade grief

July 29, 2010
A failed Adobe CS4 upgrade leads one reader on a long, discouraging road to recovery
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New twist on trust when storing data online

July 23, 2010
One reader learns a harsh lesson about online data storage when she has to beg access to her records after a business breakup
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AT&T employee reaches out when company lags

July 21, 2010
Frustrated by the failings of official support channels, one AT&T worker responds to customer gripes in his own way
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Samsung bends warranty rules to retain customers

July 20, 2010
When a Samsung customer complains about his out-of-warranty TV, it turns out the timeline isn't limited to hard and fast rules
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The fallout of failing to register tech purchases

July 15, 2010
Failing to read the fine print before discounting the need to register your products could come back to haunt you
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PayPal makes good on the purchase of fake goods

July 12, 2010
A reader provides a lesson in what to do when the goods you get online are fake
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AT&T's business-class service -- or just business-class prices?

July 09, 2010
Sometimes the only difference between AT&T's business and home service seems to be a higher price
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Tales of misguided customer service

July 01, 2010
The things companies do in the name of customer service can sometimes amaze -- but not in a good way
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