Archives: June 2010

Tech support finds a friend in peers

June 28, 2010
More and more, the best answers to technical questions are coming from fellow customers
Tech Support
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The case against tiered tech support

June 24, 2010
One reader points out how a positive experience with a personal purchase affects his decisions as a systems administrator
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True tales of terrible customer service

June 18, 2010
Gripe Line readers tell war stories of how they were pushed to the tipping point
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Customer service at the tipping point

June 16, 2010
When companies botch service calls, they stand to lose more than just one customer
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Is a bad economy good for customer service?

June 11, 2010
Cutbacks might seem prudent right now, but smart companies are investing in customer service during the downturn
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How disposable is your technology?

June 08, 2010
Given the rate of change, tech gear is about as durable as last year's fashions
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When to put technology to pasture

June 03, 2010
Most vendors render their products essentially obsolete well before most customers are ready to throw out functioning tech
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