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The universal truth of tech support: Frustration

April 28, 2010
A new study finds that consumers aren't getting the support they need from their computer manufacturers
Tech Support
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When retailer refunds go unrequited

April 22, 2010
One year of waiting for an elusive refund from Adobe drives reader to Gripe Line for help
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HP experts to host online printer troubleshooting event

April 20, 2010
HP will host a 24-hour online event during which you can ask HP's printer experts your toughest printer questions
Tech Support
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Where are my Windows 7 print drivers?

April 19, 2010
Many HP printers still lack drivers even for Vista. Here's why so many printers are abandoned with each new operating system
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Protect yourself against identity theft

April 13, 2010
Want to safely dispose of your sensitive documents? The Better Business Bureau's Secure Your ID Day provides the hardware -- just bring your own paperwork
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Stop telemarketers from calling your cell phone

April 08, 2010
Despite the Do Not Call Registry, telemarketers are back and they know where to reach you: on your mobile phone. Here's how to keep them at bay
Mobile Apps
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The true cost of offshore tech support

April 06, 2010
Tales from the trenches: Why offshore tech support may be costing practitioners more than it saves
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What to expect from PayPal dispute resolution

April 02, 2010
How your consumer rights are protected when making purchases through PayPal
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