Archives: April 2013

Don't fall prey to the mobile malware hysteria

April 15, 2013
Malware is an inconsequential risk in iOS, and Android can be fairly safe if users stick to Google Play for apps
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Beware the classification trap when securing your data

April 12, 2013
Too many businesses craft a detailed data security plan that takes years, giving employees little choice but to access data without any controls
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When users protect their data, they protect the business's data, too

April 10, 2013
Tools can force the use of security mechanisms like passwords, but they're a poor substitute for a personal stake in safety
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Stop treating mobile as a cost center

April 08, 2013
You won't net much savings for your company if you don't consider mobile's value along with its costs
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How a trickle of BYOD costs can turn into a deluge

April 05, 2013
A few dollars in excess usage here, a few in overseas roaming there can make BYOD a pricier approach than it's worth
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Forget tech strategy: Business strategy is what matters

April 01, 2013
Technology strategies are often useless because they're not expressions of a business strategy
IT Strategy
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