The problem with smart watches: They're watches

September 10, 2013
Sadly, the focus on technology means that today's wearables aren't solving problems that people actually have
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If you think phones, tablets, and computers are smart now, just wait

August 30, 2013
Contextual computing is happening in ways that once seemed to be science fiction, thanks to the connectedness of everything
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The futility of the single-device solution

August 14, 2013
Maybe one day a single device will adapt to different use cases, but until then, embrace the power of having multiple devices
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Trusty mobile tools and tips for the road warrior

July 11, 2013
The essential tips and apps for maximizing your mobility when traveling
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The right way to manage BYOD

June 03, 2013
A tiered access approach to information assets is the key to effective mobile security
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Why almost everyone gets it wrong about BYOD

May 29, 2013
Whoever owns the device, mobile use should encourage enablement, but too many organizations fall into control trap
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The divided IT-business team can only lose

May 22, 2013
When the business units and IT aren't playing as a real team, everyone loses except those selling them tech
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The secret to IT business success: Stop focusing on the tech

May 13, 2013
Too many IT organizations buy a thoroughbred when the business needs plow horses
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Mobile strategy? You need a business strategy

May 06, 2013
Mobile technology is an enabler, not a goal. Start with your business goals and then see where mobile helps them
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Don't fall prey to the mobile malware hysteria

April 15, 2013
Malware is an inconsequential risk in iOS, and Android can be fairly safe if users stick to Google Play for apps
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