The reports of Windows' death are greatly exaggerated

March 11, 2011
Don't believe the hype: Windows isn't dead, and Microsoft will continue to matter for businesses in the foreseeable future
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How to get the job you want despite thin qualifications

March 09, 2011
Tailor your resume to find an entry-level position; once your foot's in the door, establish yourself as a good candidate for the next post
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Guide your boss past damaging rumors and unfounded blame

March 08, 2011
If your department is getting a bad rap, fight the scuttlebutt with concrete goals and evidence of your efforts and workload
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Job search secrets: Seek out the hiring manager, and skip HR

March 02, 2011
Smart hiring managers understand that you often have to look beyond a resume to find a great hire
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Building bridges after a company acquisition

March 01, 2011
When past history clouds a new corporate partnership, you have to take extra steps to protect your position
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The fine art of effective workplace delegation

February 23, 2011
Managers can't issue assignments to employees and expect instant results; it requires active involvement on both sides
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How to kill employees' bad ideas -- but not their desire to innovate

February 16, 2011
With time and effort, you can turn a good worker's impractical idea into a lesson in business reality
, IT Management
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Microsoft-Nokia mobile alliance still misses the mark

February 15, 2011
As long as the same leaders are in place, this partnership is unlikely to end the companies' string of mobile failures
, Nokia
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It takes two to get up to speed at a new job

February 09, 2011
When you're in a new position and scaling a learning curve, make the most of your minutes with the boss
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When good job references go bad -- and how to fight them

February 08, 2011
In an interview, past run-ins with office politics may come back to haunt you, but there's a way to hit back first
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