Archives: August 2012

No, tablets won't replace PCs anytime soon

August 29, 2012
The list of what tablets can do is long and growing, but it's the list of what they can't do that's keeping most employees from using tablets as PC replacements
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Tackle big data with little bites

August 22, 2012
A small team, a virtual server, and an agile approach to data analytics will reap better results than a big team with a hard deadline
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Behind the headlines: What next-gen IT really needs to know

August 15, 2012
From Microsoft Surface to Apple iCloud security, the media keeps missing main concerns for next-generation IT pros
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You want big data? Here's your big data

August 08, 2012
Finding meaningful sources for big data is no slam dunk, nor is dealing with executives' dreams of banking on IT's latest trend
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Next-gen IT starts with you

August 01, 2012
No matter what your job is within IT, it's up to you to either move the organization forward, or scuttle it
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