Silicon Valley: Land of the 21st-century robber barons

May 30, 2013
Apple,, eBay, Facebook, Google, and the other technorati believe someone else should pay taxes, hire Americans, or support the society they sell to
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Debunking the H-1B hogwash: STEM grads are pouring out of U.S. colleges

May 23, 2013
Data giants like Facebook say we need more H-1B visas to fill U.S. STEM grad void -- but the numbers don't lie
IT Jobs, H-1B
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New privacy low: Retailers sniffing cellphone Wi-Fi signals at the mall

May 16, 2013
Indoor location technologies are allowing retailers to track shoppers' every move inside their stores
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Apple and Samsung tighten chokehold on mobile profits as others' hope fades

May 09, 2013
When two companies make all the profit in a market, it's a race to the bottom for everyone else
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How Kaiser bet $4 billion on electronic health records -- and won

May 02, 2013
Kaiser Permanente CIO Philip Fasano explains how electronic records have paid off and the health care giant's embrace of mobile technology
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Tax-free online shopping must end

April 25, 2013
Local governments are losing billions to subsidize e-commerce giants, while local job economies suffer
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Silicon Valley is lying about the state of U.S. tech education

April 18, 2013
Tech giants' claim of a shortage of qualified graduates is a ruse to scare us into importing more cheap foreign workers
H-1B, IT Jobs
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The patent trolls are back, and this time they're after you

April 11, 2013
Lodsys, Personal Audio, and Project Paperless continue to hit developers and businesses with frivolous lawsuits -- and are reaping the rewards
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A failure of imagination is killing the PC industry

April 04, 2013
Windows 8 and Ultrabooks show what's wrong with the Wintel approach to making creative computing devices
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No, women are still not equal to men in IT

March 21, 2013
Equal pay for equal work is a reality in IT, but few women rise to the higher positions, and overall inequity is worsening
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