Verizon's diabolical plan to turn the Web into pay-per-view

September 12, 2013
The carrier wants to charge websites for carrying their packets, but if they win it'd be the end of the Internet as we know it
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Are you endangered? Offshoring now targets corporate IT jobs

September 05, 2013
Offshoring and productivity gains are expected to blow away 750,000 enterprise IT jobs by 2017
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Whose self-driving car will you trust: Google or the automakers?

August 29, 2013
Driverless cars are coming, and Google wants to do more than design its software -- it wants to build the cars too
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IT certifications are finally helping your paycheck again

August 15, 2013
After declining for six years, the value of many IT certifications is increasing -- but pick the right one if you want to cash in
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Facebook and Infosys: Working hard to perpetuate H-1B hypocrisy

August 08, 2013
Silicon Valley is going all out to raise the cap on H-1B visas while at least half of Infosys's U.S employees are from overseas
Outsourcing, H-1B
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The Surface fiasco fallout: Ballmer, you're fired

August 01, 2013
The thinking behind the Surface is frighteningly similar to that of two iconic business flops: the Newton and the Edsel
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Why Apple has thrived while Dell may die

July 25, 2013
Unlike Dell, Apple combined two seemingly contradictory strategies: top operational efficiency and laser focus on creativity
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What's wrong with smartphones today? They're boring

July 18, 2013
Carriers are hurting, while Apple and Samsung get grief on Wall Street. The root of the problem: Slowing smartphone innovation
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Apple's brains are starting to drain away

July 11, 2013
The iconic tech company has a perception problem that is hurting its reality
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Startup reality check: When the IPO comes, innovation goes

June 27, 2013
Rivers of wealth flowing from tech IPOs don't lead to more innovation but instead slow it
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