So Steve Jobs is a jerk -- keep it up, dude!

May 13, 2010
Apple develops great products and delivers amazing value to shareholders. If the CEO does so by playing hardball, so be it
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Nightmare on Main Street: If Silicon Valley ran the country

May 06, 2010
Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, and Steve Poizner are just the beginning: The merchant princes and princesses of Silicon Valley are sure they could do a better job running the country
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Apple's chipmaker buy: In your face, Google

April 29, 2010
Apple's Intrinsity purchase shows it will control its iPhone mobile platform from all the way from silicon to software
, M&A, Processors
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Who's buying Microsoft's outsourcing excuses?

April 22, 2010
Microsoft has laid off 5,000 workers in the last year, but it still feels the need to outsource more IT jobs to India
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Has IBM turned its back on open source?

April 15, 2010
The fight between Big Blue and TurboHercules has gotten ugly -- but there may not be a villain in this story
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AT&T's latest iPhone outrage

April 08, 2010
Can't get a decent connection in your home? AT&T has a fix, but it will cost you up to $150 to improve service you already paid for
, Wireless LAN, AT&T
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Tech hiring poised for recovery -- and open source leads the way

April 01, 2010
More hiring and better benefits are actually appearing in Silicon Valley as tech firms come out of the recession
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Beware: The social networking cops are here

March 25, 2010
Think you're safe if you post from home? Think again: Social Sentry alerts your boss to tweets and posts he might not like, even if you're outside the corporate network
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The National Broadband Plan needs to be fixed -- already

March 18, 2010
Special interests are already undermining the National Broadband Plan and the FCC's vagueness on implementation is playing into their hands -- Web users must act now
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Memo to Google's Android team: Tie your shoelaces, kids

March 11, 2010
With the Nexus One a yawner and the Android platform fragmenting more every day, Google is looking like a five-year-old tripping over his own feet
, Android, Google
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