IBM says bye-bye to hardware and hello to the cloud

February 25, 2014
First PCs, then servers, now chips are being thrown overboard. IBM is going through its biggest shakeup in years, as it pivots from hardware to the cloud
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As IT hiring slows, freelancers are getting more work

February 13, 2014
Your next job may be as a hired gun as more companies recruit outsiders to fill positions once held by full-time staffers
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Big carriers go political to kill local broadband

February 06, 2014
Major telcos are afraid that locally owned FTTH deployments will cut into their fat profits, so they seek to cripple competitors
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The feds' data center debacle makes look good

January 30, 2014
A government effort to reduce its data centers had the opposite effect, and no heads rolled. Time is running out to fix federal IT
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Intel's toughest year starts now

January 23, 2014
2014 is a do-or-die year for CEO Brian Krzanich as his company struggles to finally succeed in the mobile market
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Silicon Valley's 'meritocracy' hides a discriminatory streak

January 16, 2014
The latest evidence: Oracle is sued by a sales manager who says he was fired for refusing to pay less to IT workers from India
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How two cities brought fiber to the home when the carriers couldn't

January 09, 2014
Think government can't provide cheap, efficient, high-speed connectivity? Two very different locales show it can
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Better angels: 7 tech tycoons who gave very, very generously

December 26, 2013
Not all of tech's nouveau riches are selfish bozos -- some have donated hundreds of millions to research in medical science, hospitals, and universities
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The brewing iPhone war: It's Apple vs. the carriers

December 19, 2013
Ma Bell and the Cupertino Colossus are prepping for a bloody fight over iPhone prices and subsidies -- it won't be pretty
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The Internet of things will not arrive in 2014

December 12, 2013
Security, power, and network management are a few issues that mean 2014 will not be the year of the Internet of things
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