Intel: Mobile's next Goliath?

September 02, 2010
Intel-Infineon deal goes far beyond handsets, putting new technologies in netbooks, tablets, embedded PCs, and more
M&A, Intel
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The Dell Aero: The ultimate example of Android's flaws

August 26, 2010
Dell's new Aero shows yet again that the fragmented Android platform is broken and the carriers still rule idiotically
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Finally! iPhone users have given up on AT&T

August 19, 2010
An independent survey shows that AT&T's crummy network performance and terrible customer service are slowing sales of Apple's new iPhone 4
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When it comes to wireless, if Google wins, you lose

August 12, 2010
If Google and Verizon get their way, no one will be able to stand up for wireless customers. Well-considered regulation is needed to stop outrageous practices
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What Hurd's sudden departure means for HP

August 06, 2010
Two big challenges -- mobile and tech services -- remain unresolved, but HP's management depth gives hope that the tech giant will not stall
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iPhones and Androids pouring into the enterprise -- now what?

August 05, 2010
It's no longer just a BlackBerry world: New smartphones in business pose real challenges for IT
, Android
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The hysterical cancer campaign against cell phones

July 29, 2010
If zealots in San Francisco get their way, wireless technology could be banned from your home and workplace
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Apple money machine trounces Microsoft -- and hints at more to come

July 22, 2010
Apple's blockbuster revenue numbers surpass Microsoft's for the first time ever -- and point to a bigger shift in the tech industry
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Why it's time to tax Internet sales

July 08, 2010
E-commerce companies are no longer babes in the woods needing tax exemptions to get established
, E-commerce
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The ignominious fall of Dell

July 01, 2010
Dell may never recover from the revelation that it sold faulty PCs -- and then blamed its customers
, Dell
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