Beware the fool's gold in the heated mobile and cloud predictions

January 27, 2011
Cloud computing and mobile apps are attracting buckets of money, say the analysts -- but something doesn't add up
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's gutsy moves deserve credit

January 20, 2011
Color me surprised, but Microsoft's boss has made a series of gutsy -- and maybe risky -- moves, as he tries to stop Redmond's drift toward irrelevance
, Microsoft
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The PC era is not over -- yet

January 13, 2011
Many issues of privacy, vendor lock-in, and bandwidth constraints must be solved before we say goodbye to the PC and head for the wireless world of the cloud.
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Hackers find new way to cheat on Wall Street -- to everyone's peril

January 06, 2011
Side-channel attack on high-frequency trading networks could net a hacker millions of dollars in seconds -- and leave everyone else much poorer
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It's time to rein in Google -- before it assimilates all Web business

December 23, 2010
Google's move into online advertising shows that the search giant is becoming a new Microsoft -- and that's bad
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Silicon Valley's worst of the worst

December 16, 2010
Revealed at last: The worst CEOs and the worst places to work in high tech, plus InfoWorld's 2010 Bozo of the Year
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AT&T's perversion of 'free speech' would let it control the Internet

December 09, 2010
The Constitution's framers must be rolling in their graves in this abuse of the First Amendment, which the Obama Administration is caving on
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The Internet at risk: A return to the Ma Bell era

December 02, 2010
Comcast's bullying of Level 3 and Zoom Telephonics reveals the lack of broadband competition that threatens the Internet
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Gobble gobble: InfoWorld's top 10 tech turkeys of 2010

November 24, 2010
From AT&T to Zuckerberg, these politicians, companies, and CEOs served up huge helpings of greed and arrogance this year
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The new Facebook threat to business

November 18, 2010
Unable to keep users' personal info private, Facebook unveils messaging system that will swamp IT with hard-to-defend traffic
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