Archives: July 2014

The myth of slower iPhones and the truth of our upgrade addiction

July 31, 2014
Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft don't build shoddy products to force upgrades -- they simply play on your deepest fears and desires
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Money before innovation: Why Wall Street loves tech giants these days

July 24, 2014
No innovation? No sexy new products? Investors celebrate as six old-line companies churn out profits instead
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The PC is dead? Then the Chromebook must be comatose

July 17, 2014
Microsoft haters close their eyes to any evidence that PC sales are still strong, which they are
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Developer jackpot: Salaries and bonuses hit all-time highs

July 10, 2014
As unemployment bottoms out, experienced developers reap the rewards, but Silicon Valley falls short in effective earnings
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Adios Aereo, and take your illegal technology with you

July 03, 2014
If content is free, no one could afford to create it, and the Supreme Court got it right in ruling against Aereo
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