Archives: March 2014

The NSA's spying has in fact hurt U.S. cloud providers

March 27, 2014
Although worrying, the loss of business is not as great as analysts originally feared
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'Tim Cook, you're fired!' More dumb advice from Wall Street

March 20, 2014
Short-sighted analysts, fan boys, and reporters are blaming Cook for not being Steve Jobs, despite Apple's strong finances
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How tech giants beat H-1B visa cap: They call 'em students

March 13, 2014
A program to bring science and tech grads to the U.S. for training has been abused by companies seeking low-cost labor
H-1B, IT Jobs
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Techies: Take a congressman and a cop to work with you

March 06, 2014
From distracted driving to virtual money, the law and lawmakers can't keep up with technological change. Let's clue them in
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